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Peer   Reviews

Jeff Schwartz is simply the very best lawyer in New York for any criminal matter....I really do sleep better at night knowing that I know Jeff Schwartz, that he is my good friend, and that I realize if G-d forbid I were ever falsely (or even more G-d forbid, accurately) accused of a crime, I have his telephone number. ​[For full recommendation click Linkedin logo on contact us page.]
Jay Sanchez, Esq. NY, Harvard Law School, 1992.

I recently viewed "Breathing Life into the Dreaded Justification Defense" and "Junk Science or a Ticket to Freedom: An analysis of Forensic Evidence"; two of your CLE videos, Bravo!!!! They were a perfect combination of sterling pedagogy, case law update, practical tips, professional anecdotes, inspiration, etc.... They were overwhelmingly better than analogous materials. Please do more of them. Lastly, it is a sign of your mensch-ness that you repeatedly acknowledge the contribution made to your life by the late ​Assistant District Attorney Dan McCarthy.
David J. DeMar, Esq. (Law Clerk, Justice of the Supreme Court, Bronx, New York).

"All courses by Jeffrey Todd Schwartz, Esq., should be mandatory for criminal lawyers".
David Daniels, Esq. PA

" Excellent presentation- confidence of lecturer enhanced the presentation. This course is invaluable for those who have experience. It is good to know that an attorney with the reputation of the lecturer reinforced concepts that, for the most part, I share regarding the fine art of persuasion. There was valuable advice on the most important part of a trial- jury selection."
Robert Moore, Esq. NY

"​Dear Jeffrey Schwartz: of course you are a credit to the legal profession. However, I think it would be better to just say you are a credit to homo-sapiens in general. Great lecture. Thank you."
​Sherry Gendelman, Esq. CA

"Mr. Schwartz covered the material about as much as he could, given the limited amount of time. He is obviously extremely polished and professional, coming across as a genuine expert while maintaining an air of humility and gratitude."
Jay Lowenthal, Esq. PA

"Mr. Schwartz was able to clearly articulate the changes in this particular area of the law. He was both interesting and informative. His lecture notes are most helpful."
John Robinson, Esq. IL

"Great presentation. Real world cutting edge information. Your energy and zest for criminal law wants me to become a partner in your firm- Thanks."
Joseph Tardif, Esq. IL

"Fantastic! Could have listened to him for hours."
Maria Teresita Brolley, Esq. FL

"Would like more courses from Mr. Schwartz."
Lissa Russo, Esq. TX

"He is one of the best CLE instructors."
Sharon Hernandez, Esq. NY

"Great lecture...this truly relates to the classes that I teach!!! Thank you Jeff!"
Mark Hartwell, Esq. NY

​"Best most interesting speaker of all."
James Killerlane, Esq. NY

"Schwartz was great."
Victor Rappaport, Esq. CA

"Really enjoyed this presentation and think I am a better attorney now. If I ever get arrested I want Jeff Schwartz to defend me. He is great. It inspires me to do more for my clients." 
Kenneth Flood, Esq. CA

"Mr. Schwartz is one of your best instructors and this lecture was very informative." 
Clayton Keiser, Esq. FL

​"I was fascinated by the content. I am not a criminal lawyer but my eyes were open to many things I was never aware of."
Dennis Porik, Esq. IL

“What a great lecture."
Anthony Fazioli , Esq.   NY

“One of the best lecturers you have.  He was concise and gave practice techniques.  The materials were immensely helpful.”
Nancy Baker, Esq.   NY

“Excellent program-interesting, very informative useful, practical advice. Compelling “war stories”
Karen Ziman, Esq.   NY

“A great speaker who really seems to want to help practitioners.”
Warren Siska, Esq.   NY

“I truly enjoyed his tips.”
Christina Killerlane, Esq. NY

​Soo Jee Lee, Esq.   NY

“For not being a criminal attorney I found the discussion on criminal law very helpful.”
Kellie Ulrich, Esq.   NY

Gary Mandel, Esq.   NY

“Keep up the good work.”
Frederick Romero, Esq.   CA

“Valuable insights on trial advocacy even for the civil lawyer.”
Victoria Quesada, Esq. NY

“Excellent lecture, fine examples, strong point of view.”
Andrew Horn, Esq. NY

“Very good speaking skills and analysis.”
​Frank Gaglione, Esq.   NY

“Very informative.”
Kenneth L. Parker, Esq.   NJ

“Very informative and effective lecture and teaching tool.”
Samuel Iroegbu, Esq.   NY

“Very well done.”
Stacey Jacobs, Esq.   NY

“Very practical and insightful.”
John Downing, Esq.   NY

“Very interesting and helpful.”
Gail Siemers, Esq.   WA

“Speaker was very informative.  He provided a good overview of the tips for an effective cross examination.”
Marisa Rich, Esq.   NY

“Excellent speaker.  Interesting presentation.  Good topic.”
Martin Hoffenburg, Esq.   NY

“Great lecturer”
Wendy Macaluso, Esq.  NY

“Mr. Schwartz had many important insights regarding examination of witnesses and the theory of the case.”
Donald Miller, Esq.   WA

“Very enjoyable and educational.”
​Elizabeth Nazarian Esq.  CA


"Very interesting CLE. The instructor definitely met his goal of not being boring."

Michele Milavec, Esq. NY